Where does diversity come from?

Attended an excellent session today at ASAE's Great Ideas conference. The session, led by @joegerstandt, was titled "Diversity + Inclusion = Innovation." A few key takeaways:

1) Diversity is not within people -it is the relationship between people. (think about that the next time you are told that a diverse candidate is coming in for an interview.)

2) Think about who you regularly talk with, work with, and socialize with. Is the group diverse? Are you sure to listen to all perspectives? How might these folks be considered your personal board of directors?

3) More diverse teams build better solutions, often outperforming "smart" teams.

4) Seek input from all parts of your organization, not just your immediate team.

Great session. I wonder how the restaurant at the Denver Airport that posted this cool diagram of their employees homelands leverage the power inherent in the diversity of their team?

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