Good ideas are not enough

Tonight I arrived to the Pentagon Metro station at 8:20, and headed up to catch a bus home. I don't usually take the bus, and was pleased to see that the new "next bus" notification system is now working. Well, sort of. I needed to catch the 16A, and the display read 16A ... Next bus, 73 minutes. I decided to check the printed schedule, and low and behold, the bus was due at 8:30. While I didn't know whether that bus had come and gone early, I decided to wait a few minutes before investigating other options. Luckily, the bus pulled up right on time, and departed promptly.

A notification system informing bus riders of the next bus is a really nice feature. However, it is entirely useless if when implemented it is unreliable. Having an idea for changeis not enough ... Implementation is at least as important.

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