You're invited to a retirement party! is having a retirement sale. Apparently, sometimes sarcasm and humor DOES get old. There's some pretty funny stuff there, including a notepad memo cube with inspiration for your favorite consultant. There are a couple of shirts that would come in handy too, but wouldn't fit the attire expectations for the applicable events. (Although I could wear the Blog Shirt just about anywhere!)

I can see humor in most of the items, but was also surprised to think about the wisdom on one poster which reads: Change: When the winds of change blow hard enough, the most trivial of things can turn into deadly projectiles . There is a thread of truth and useful piece of advice here: With sufficient force and momentum, small and seemingly trivial things can seriously injure or impede change. While you will likely have to be willing to let many things flow beyond your control in a change environment, I think the challenge is to seek to identify those building forces and their relationship to those seemingly small elements. Look especially to what your colleagues and stakeholders bring up. What you may have thought was trivial may be viewed very differently from their perspective.


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