Welcome to Capacity to Change!

Welcome to my blog where I will record some of my thoughts, and hopefully also hear thoughts from you. I’ve chosen the title “Capacity to Change” not only because I am interested in a wide variety of topics related to individual and organizational change, but also because I hope that this blog can help both you and me look at things in new ways, consider different perspectives, and be exposed to new and interesting information, which is often an essential element to change. So, welcome and please make yourself comfortable as either a reader or participant by posting a comment. I look forward to seeing where this conversation goes.


  1. Greg -- Nice Blog. Right up there with my other change sites at communitychange.org and change.org

    I've added your blog to my bookmarks of blogs - now 80 plus. I'll give you a week or two and then I'll check the truthlaidbear.com to see where you rate

  2. Hi Dad. Honored to be among good company. I'll do my best over the next week or two -- and if I fall short, perhaps that concept of "unconditional love" will kick in.